Bravo Turning Heathers into a Scripted Show? How Very!


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I was watching Mean Girls again the other night. This is embarrassing to admit, but it’s always on and it’s actually kind of an entertaining movie. Besides, it was either that or my other go-to movie that’s also always on, Notorious. And since I’d re-watched that one a couple of weekends before and watched the latest episode of Fashion Police…OK, you get the picture. 

Anyway, the next day, I started thinking about the basic formula behind Mean Girls and that’s when it struck me—It’s just like Heathers, the 1988 dark comedy about three snotty girls (all named Heather) who are equally adored and feared by everyone in their high school. Both films feature three really pretty, popular girls and a forth—who’s kind of brainy and sort of an outsider, but equally good looking—who are all part of a coveted clique. And woven into these thought-provoking teenage plots (to be fair, the plot of Heathers is actually somewhat thought provoking) are a bunch of vapid personalities, catty one-liners, plans for revenge, a couple of good-looking guys and (of course) a lot of really memorable outfits.

Suffice to say, once I came to this realization, I was sad about one of my all-time favorite movies being ripped off so blatantly (and even more disappointed knowing that the latter propelled the career of one, Lindsay Lohan).

But my spirits were lifted when I learned that Bravo was resurrecting Heathers as a scripted show. There’s still no word yet on when it will air, but the network confirmed this September that there is indeed a show in the works. There’s also no word yet on whether Ms.Ryder will be a part of it (to which I have to say, after seeing her creepy performance in Black Swan, I hope she will be). The show’s writer, Jenny Bicks, hopes Ryder would consider it too telling the Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, "If Winona Ryder wanted to come in and play something, we'd love to have her.”

In case you want to get a jump on some of the style that’s sure to trickle into mainstream once this show airs, here are a few ideas for putting together your very own Heather Chandler look.



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