Bubbles & Alfalfa: Part 5 - Their New Home

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The trip home was not much fun for Bubbles to say the least. The rain was still pouring down and it was a twenty minute walk to Mary’s two bedroom townhouse where she had lived for the past three years ever since setting her previous apartment accidentally on fire while attempting to roast marshmallows by candles. Unfortunately, she had neglected to notice that the flames were a bit too close to the royal blue feather boa she had stylishly draped across her electric piano. The ensuing result was a dancing fiery boa that took on a mind of its own as it snaked its way off the piano and into the paper filled wastebasket set too close to the stack of 'Organized Home' magazines that Mary kept close to the piano to read while she was banging on the piano keys. The landlord had been forced to undertake massive renovations to the apartment. He had strongly suggested that Mary find other living accommodations. This did not really bother Mary as she had not much liked living next door to a gas station anyway. Too risky, she had always thought, as it was not a good idea to live near flammable substances and gasoline was certainly very flammable. Yes, far better to not live so close to something that could pose a danger.

Mary had then decided to purchase the townhouse using as a down payment her entire life savings stored mostly as coins in various jars. At least that way if she set fire to it, it would be up to her whether she wanted to stay living there or not!

In an attempt to keep Bubbles dry, Mary had thrown her bright orange crocheted sweater, which clashed greatly with the red, pink and lavender flowered dress she was wearing, over the cage. Of course this did not work as acrylic yarn is not known for its waterproof properties and besides which the rain easily found its way through the holes in the sweater. Bubbles now figured he knew what it would be like to be trapped inside a giant orange. In his thoroughly soggy state, he started to wonder what kind of idiot Mary was. She could at least have tried to share that giant panda bear speckled poncho of a raincoat she was wearing.

Alfalfa fared better as the bushes provided ample coverage for him and he enjoyed splashing through the puddles anyway. He only wished he owned two pairs of those big rubber boots at least three sizes too big so that when he splashed down with his tiny paws at least he could have made more of an impact as people passing by did not notice at all that he was trying to splash them.

Despite the weather, Alfalfa felt he should be wearing sunglasses to disguise himself. Of course he did not actually own any sunglasses so it really would not have been possible on this trip. He made a note to himself to pinch a pair whenever the opportunity came up.

Finally the trio made it home. Mary lifted up one corner of the sweater and happily announced to Bubbles, “We’re home!”

Bubbles peered out from under his orange nightmare as best he could. The first thing he noticed was a sign on the door that said, “Don’t let the cats out no matter what they tell you.”

Oh. Oh. He thought. Could it be possible that this idiot had brought him to a cat infested home? He started chattering a warning to Alfalfa. Mary delighted in the chatter figuring that Bubbles was telling her how thrilled he was to be at his new home.

“Oh goody! Birdie’s happy!” she clapped accidentally letting go of the cage in the process which fell with a large thump to the concrete.

On the way down Bubbles tried valiantly to hang on to the swing with both his wings. This was not very successful as with the force of the fall he ended up losing his grip and lying flat on his back with the swing swinging crookedly above him as the cage landed on its side.

“Oopsy!” said Mary. “Sorry! Well, at least you’re made of feathers so you should have had a nice soft cushy fall.”

Bubbles revised his assessment of idiot to complete moron while checking to see if any bones were broken.

Meanwhile Alfalfa who had clearly heard Bubbles’ warning was slowing creeping around the steps waiting for Mary to open the door so he could dash in to scope the place for any ferocious felines. He truly wished he had a pair of sunglasses as they would have provided ample disguise and confused any cats long enough to find a safe hiding place.

Sunglasses would also have been useful to fool Mary as they were discovering her common sense may have been misplaced at birth. It was far too early to reveal Alfalfa’s presence. They first had to see how Bubbles fared and if they actually wanted to stay there or fall back on Plan B which they had no idea what it was yet. For this reason, it made much more sense to stick to Plan A, which developed only so far as involving residing somewhere where you were regularly fed without having to go out and work for a living.

Leaving the cage on the rain-soaked concrete with Bubbles lying on his back still seeing stars, Mary hunted in her enormous purse for her keys. “Where are those darn things?” she said out loud. Normally, she may have been tempted to use a stronger word, but she did not know the canary well enough and she wanted to protect him from any sort of shock, completely oblivious to the fact that a shocking word would have been much more welcome than the shock that she had just caused.

“Ah, here they are.” Mary removed a set of keys dangling from a sparkly “M” keychain. As she put the key in the lock and prepared to turn it, Alfalfa stood poised ready for action.

© 2012 Maria van Santen


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