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Bumpy's Crazy Tail

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This is a short story that I wrote for San Min Publishing in Taiwan. It’s available in a very cute hardcover with CD, in English with Mandarin in the back, upon request. There are five funny, cute stories with insect characters in this series, called the Bug Buddies series.

“Bumpy’s Crazy Tail”


Bumpy the caterpillar tucks in his front feet and curls on a willow leaf to take a nap. His eyes are heavy. But his tail isn’t tired. It wiggles and dances. Bumpy is so tired he falls asleep anyway.

Bumpy dreams about his pretty butterfly wings. All at once, he is flying!

His tail is hanging from the leaf, dancing in mid air.

“I’m sleepy, tail!” he cries.

But Bumpy’s tail won’t listen.

It dances and skips, making Bumpy dizzy.

“What can I do?” he moans.

“What’s wrong?” says Lily the ladybug.

“It’s my tail!” Bumpy cries. “I’m sleepy, but it isn’t.”

“Hmmm, I don’t have a tail.” Lily says. “What if you sat on it?”

“That might work. Thanks, Lily!” Bumpy says.

Bumpy curls his body around his wiggly tail. His tail tickles his stomach, but can’t get loose.

“Now I can sleep!”

Soon the leaf shakes again. Bumpy’s tail is dancing harder than ever!

“Oh no!” Bumpy cries.

“What’s wrong?” says Blister, the horned beetle.

“It’s my tail!” Bumpy says. “I’m sleepy but it isn’t.”

“Hmmm. Maybe if I hold your tail, it’ll stay still.”

“Great idea!” Bumpy says.

Blister holds Bumpy’s tail in his strong jaws. The tail wiggles but can’t get loose. Soon Bumpy and Blister fall asleep.

Bumpy’s tail pulls free, shaking the leaf so hard that it wakes Blister and Bumpy.

“Oh no!” Blister says.

“That’s okay, Blister,” Bumpy says. “I slept longer that time. I think I’ll eat lunch.”

Bumpy stretches his long body toward a juicy willow bud. He almost reaches it but his body won’t move!

“Blister, are you holding my tail?” he asks.

“No! But if you still want that nap, now’s a good time. Look!”

“Oh, no!” Bumpy cries.

His tail is finally quiet. It has fallen asleep. 


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