Calming the Creative Chaos

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Sometimes organizing anything helps clear my head. Last night, I decided it was time to calm the chaos by organizing my stash of threads, yarns, and stitching paraphernalia.

Here is the scenario:

I sit down to work and find that my supplies are scattered, missing, dried up, or vanished. So much for creating. It’s easier to go back to the craft store and buy new supplies, plus who knows what else I might find!

By the time I return from the store the urge and time to create has passed.


This weekend, I sat down to enjoy some playtime on a project from fiber class and found all of my colored flosses and polished cotton threads in one tangled, colorful heap. I don’t know how that happened, how it got to such a mess. It now resembled the big hairy clog that I believe is hiding in my bathroom drain.

Time to calm some chaos.

While listening to music and chatting with my man, I attacked the heap of threads. Over the course of two evenings, I was able to untangle, save, and sort all the strands, each colored thread wound around my fingers and secured with a twisty tie.

Next, I took a piece of cardboard and punched holes along the sides. Then I took a small piece of each color and tied it through the holes.

I went off to my favorite craft store with palette in hand (and a coupon), and was able to buy the colors I was missing instead duplicating more of the same! I also got a container that had room to hold everything neatly, instead of shoving it all into one small, overflowing bag.

Now instead of being frustrated, I sat down last night and created! The clog in the works has cleared and the energy is flowing. Not so much in my bathroom sink. The drain in the sink has been backed up for days. I’m working on it.

I can deal with other chaos, where I have no control, because I am calm knowing that when I sit down to find inner solace with my art, all is good to go!

By Alison Lee


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