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Cancer is a fatal disease for both the body and mind.
It is the kind of thing that sneaks out of nowhere, usually without a sign.
My brother has cancer, and my sister had to have both breasts removed.
It doesn’t seem to have really affected her, except for the pain and suffering she went through.

My brother Jim has cancer, but has a great sense of humor on life.
Humor seems to be the answer to a long life.
He gets in a lot of pain at times, and seems always to have his head in the toilet bowl.
Now he has a grandson to give him more reason to live, and fight cancer with his heart and soul.

My sister didn’t talk about her cancer; I guess that is how some people deal with this somehow.
They don’t want to be pitied; just wanna carry on.
This disease takes a lot of courage and determination, who don’t want to be a burden to anyone.
Just thank God for another day, look out the window, and enjoy the sun.

It takes a lot of people for people to live one day at a time.
It doesn’t seem to be so hard this way, just keep this in mind.
Just don’t give up on life, and give it all you can.
Think; it is more important, it is an inspiration to our fellow man.

This poem I would like to dedicate to my family and for all those who have lost someone to this terrible disease. Please, when they come to your door, give what you can. Every little bit helps for our fellow men.


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