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Caribbean Dreams

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You stand before me
In all your ebony glory
As you have many nights before
My soul is inspired
My mind reverberates— this truly is perfection
I am intrigued by the depth of your personality evident in your brown eyes
The fact of your existence has fuelled my thirst to know more of you
So, on a whim I allow myself to fall
As you
Dance with me
Take me on the incorporeal tour of your intellect
Court me with your knowledge
Woo me with your sensitivity
Your presence is so pure, yet is filled with such intensity
Rendering me subjected to your love
Our love,
Yes, you are my love
But as that last flicker of daylight infringes on my fantasy
You become an idea that proves ever elusive
Your presence teasing me
Dancing whimsically in the morning glow
Becoming but what you are
How dare you transmigrate and leave me alone with reality
Awake you laugh at me, torment me
Awake I fear
You are my nightmare
A metaphoric configuration of mockery and inaccessibility
For while you are there I cannot hold you
So again I close my eyes and dream you into corporeality
Asleep you nurture me, fulfill me
As you connect with my soul from deep within
Holding me close
Heart to heart
Skin to skin



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