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25 Crushable Women Under 25

  • The Olympics Fab Five

    This "dynamic, talented team": not only brought home the US its second-ever gold medal in gymnastics, but they were a joy to watch the entire time.
  • Tavi Gevinson

    When we grow up, we want to be this wonderkid. With countless fashion shows, her own amazing online magazine, a few books, and the most charming Jimmy Fallon Show appearance ever under her belt, "Tavi": has accomplished more in her 16 years, than most people do in a lifetime.
  • Emma Watson

    She first stole our hearts when she chopped her hair into a pixie (aka the haircut heard 'round the world), and she's been a mainstay on every best-dressed list ever since. Also, if you haven't seen _Perks of Being a Wallflower_ yet, get yourself to a theater ASAP.
  • Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet

    As major _Girls_ fans, we can't wait to see these "breakout stars": next season. Dare we say they're more likable and relatable than Lena's character.
  • Karlie Kloss

    Karlie can work the camera just as well as she can work the runway. We expect big things for this one. "Check out Crushable's complete list of inspiring young women!":


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