Celebrity Yo-Yo Dieters: They’re Just Like Us!

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Let’s face it: weight is a universal issue that can affect anyone. Obesity has spawned a multibillion-dollar industry in which seriously overweight people can do everything from taking over-the-counter “cures” to undergoing major surgical procedures. But even those with all the money in the world have yet to find the perfect solution. Just look at these nine celebrities known for their yo-yo dieting.

Oprah Winfrey
She’s the reigning talk-show queen, but she’s also been the poster woman for yo-yo dieting for years. As a matter of fact, one of Oprah’s most memorable on-air moments involved her wheeling out a wagon full of animal fat to represent the amount of weight she had lost at the time. She’s since maintained a healthy weight, but it’s hard not to think about that wagon sometimes when looking at her.

Jessica Simpson
One bad photo in a pair of unflattering jeans took Simpson from buxom singer to just another celebrity with a weight problem, according to gossip columns. The singer-actress did her best to take the hurtful comments in stride, losing and regaining weight along the way. As she told Oprah Winfrey in March, “I’m comfortable with me. I love my curves. I’m not ever going to be a size 0 and weigh ninety pounds.”

Janet Jackson
As a kid, Jackson was the female version of her famous brother Michael, only she acted. By the time she kick-started her singing career, she was considered the hefty Jackson. As her popularity soared, her weight dropped and she became a sex symbol. But when she’s not on tour, she’s been known to seriously let herself go—at least, until her next album drops.

Britney Spears
When Spears hit the pop scene in 1999, she was just as recognized for her rockin’ bod as she was for her music. Sadly, the new millennium—which has included two kids, a divorce, and a mental breakdown—has not been kind to Britney’s body, and she’s taken many tabloid hits for packing on the pounds. She’s proven to be resilient, though, fighting back against the bulge and even the public’s perception by regaining a sleeker profile.

Kevin Federline
Seems Britney wasn’t the only one affected by their divorce: not long after the onetime backup dancer and his pop-star wife separated, Federline went from “K-Fed” to “K-Fat.” His weight got so out of control, he ended up joining VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club to work off the bulk. He’s since been able to keep up a healthier lifestyle … for now.

Kirstie Alley
She’s been a Cheers babe, a Fat Actress, a Jenny Craig representative, and the subject of an Oprah special. These days, Alley is a spokeswoman for her own weight-loss product. She’s already shed about twenty pounds using her Organic Liaison while shedding light on the reality that there are no surefire diet tricks.

Carnie Wilson
The former talk-show hostess and singer has tried everything in the book, from gastric bypass surgery to Celebrity Fit Club. You can now catch her on her own reality show, GSN’s Unstapled, on which she often addresses her ongoing weight struggles. As she told the Los Angeles Times in May, “I don’t want to be known as the weight loss girl—that’s not who I am. I’m also a singer, actress, mother, and author.”

Drew Carey
He was practically unrecognizable when he stepped out in July, dropping an astounding eighty pounds during his Price Is Right hiatus. The comedian has long struggled with his weight, but swears he plans to keep it off by sticking with his no-carb diet. Here’s hoping he doesn’t let that scale dip too low.

Elizabeth Taylor
What does it tell you that one of the most legendary beauties of her time dealt with her own fair share of weight problems at one point? Confirming that we all are indeed human, Taylor ran into serious weight issues in her later years as an actress. She was ridiculed for her size, but the cinematic icon’s sheer star wattage still outweighs her heft.

Whether you’re a supermodel or a housewife, being able to maintain a healthy body type requires an ongoing fight and commitment. While some have mastered the balance, others remain not so lucky. But there’s some assurance in knowing that no one is above the challenge—not even the rich and famous.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons


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