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Celebs Shop for a Cause!

  • Kris Humphries, professional basketball player, New Jersey Nets

    *DivineCaroline:* What does being here today mean to you? *Kris Humphries:* My aunt is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed three years ago and overcame it. Everyone has a connection to cancer. Hopefully we can say one day cancer will be a thing of the past. *DC:* You are the calmest groom I ever met! *KH:* That’s because I have ice in my blood. *DC:* When did you know Kim was the one for you? *KH:* The first time I shook her hand and said, “Hi, I am Kris.” *DC:* What was it like to come into the Kardashian family? Did you have to pass an initiation test? *KH:* No. When you are great guy everyone sees that (laughs). I’m kidding! *DC:* What does getting married mean to you? *KH:* Finding the love of your life is important.
  • Beth Ostrosky Stern, TV personality and wife of Howard Stern

  • Somaya Reece of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop

    *DivineCaroline:* What does being here today mean to you? *Somaya Reece:* It means spending money in order to raise money for a good cause. *DC:* Have you ever lost someone close to you cancer? *SR:* I have had friends who have suffered from cancer, and what I know is it is a very long and emotional road to take with someone. For me, being here is personal, and the more we can do to raise money and put money toward science is something I stand behind. *DC:* Today’s theme is “Shop till You Drop.” What is your shopping weakness? *SR:* I don’t go out with a special thing in mind. I take everything. I’m crazy like that. I am a “see” shopper. If I “see” it and want it, I buy it. *DC:* Since you’re fabulous and single, what do you look for in a man? *SR:* Maybe I can find one here at Super Saturday. Hook me up! But I do love a beautiful smile and a guy that can make me laugh. I also want him to be tall. *DC:* What’s your idea of the perfect date? *SR:* I would love him to cook for me or a boat ride to get away from everyone.
  • Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

  • Katie Lee, Celebrity Chef

    *DivineCaroline:* What drew you to today’s event? *Katie Lee:* All of the great bargains and, because it is for a great cause, I can shop without the guilt. *DC:* Have you ever lost someone close to you cancer? *KL:* Yes. Cancer has touched everyone’s lives. We have all known someone who has had it or someone who lost someone to it. It was so important for me to be here to help raise money. *DC:* Today’s theme is “Shop till You Drop.” What is your shopping weakness? *KL:* A bargain. If it is on sale and is 50 percent or more on sale, that gets me charged up. *DC:* How have you been spending your summer? *KL:* I’ve been in the Hamptons, and I love to surf. *DC:* What’s the one item you always have and would feel naked without? *KL:* Underwear (laughs). In the summer I love long flowy dresses because they are so effortless. *DC:* What’s your idea of a perfect date? *KL:* I think I would like him to cook me dinner for a change.
  • Gayle King, Oprah Radio host

  • Emma Roberts

    *DivineCaroline:* What was your first big purchase? *Emma Roberts:* Probably a laptop. *DC:* What made you get involved with Super Saturday? *ER:* When they asked me to cohost with Donna Karan and Kelly Ripa, I thought, Wow! Plus, it’s an amazing charity and, as a woman, I think it is important to support other women. *DC:* Have you ever lost anyone close to you to cancer? *ER:* I haven’t, but I do know people who have. This is a disease that we need to continue to raise more money and more awareness for. *DC:* What’s your shopping weakness? *ER:* Bags. I am obsessed with bags. *DC:* What was the most expensive bag you ever bought? *ER:* A Balenciaga in powder blue. I love it! *DC:* How would you describe your fashion style? *ER:* Casual and chic. I love wearing long maxi skirts and dresses with a bohemian top. *DC:* What’s the one item you never leave home without? *ER:* My iPod and my Blackberry.
  • Kyle MacLachlan

  • Jonathan Cheban of The Spin Crowd

    *DivineCaroline:* What does being here today mean to you? *Jonathan Cheban:* I have been coming here for years. It is such a great event. *DC:* Have you ever lost someone close to you cancer? *JC:* Thank god, no, but I feel good because I know of a lot of people who have lost people to cancer. Being here is a lot of fun, and that is what I want today to be about. *DC:* Speaking of fun, I bet I know where you’ll be on August 20. *JC:* Yes, I have a wedding to go to. *DC:* How excited are you for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding? *JC:* I am so excited; I think it is going to be great. I love them all and the whole group. This isn’t a wedding though, this is a monster. I think it is going to be the biggest wedding of its kind. *DC:* What can you tell us about the preparations? *JC:* Everything is in Los Angeles, and I am trying to not get too many details because I don’t want Kim to think I am telling everyone. I have asked her not to tell me. *DC:* Nothing? *JC:* The big stuff she will call me about and ask me. *DC:* Did you go to Kim’s bachelorette party or Kris’s bachelor party? *JC:* They were at the same time so I went back and forth to both. *DC:* In terms of designers, who is she eyeing and will look good in? *JC:* Kim would look good in a garbage bag. She looks good in anything. I constantly tell her how pretty she is, and she gets uncomfortable by it. She is very humble that way. *DC:* They say Kim’s wedding is going to put the royal wedding to shame? *JC:* It will. I have my tux and Bentley ready to go. I need to step it up for this one. *DC:* Has Kim told you what Kris is wearing? *JC:* She sends me pictures of Kris in a three-piece suit so I have no idea if it is because she wants him to wear that for the wedding. I can’t figure it out. *DC:* Is she a bridezilla? *JC:* No, she is very calm about this whole thing. *DC:* Are you like Kim and love to shop? *JC:* I hate to shop for clothes and try stuff on. What I like is accessories like candles.
  • Kelly Ripa

  • Kelly Rutherford of Gossip Girl

  • Abigail Breslin

    *DivineCaroline:* What does being here today mean to you? *Abigail Breslin:* Everybody loves to shop, and I am no exception, especially when it is for a good cause. My dad told me I was allowed to buy a lot of stuff because we were supporting an important charity. *DC:* Your dad monitors what you spend? *AB:* Yes. I got in trouble for iTunes. Now I have to ask him every time I want to buy a song. *DC:* Do you have a limit? *AB:* Not necessarily a limit, but he does watch what I spend. *DC:* Who is your style icon? *AB:* Audrey Hepburn. *DC:* Have you been doing anything fun this summer? *AB:* Yes. Playing in my band and writing songs. *DC:* How would you describe your style? *AB:* It’s a mix between New York and Los Angeles. I have a blend of both. *DC:* Who is the one actor/actress you dream of working with? *AB:* Meryl Streep. *DC:* What is the one thing you never leave home without? *AB:* My phone. It is always in my hand. *DC:* What’s the number-one thing you look for in a guy? *AB:* Funny. He has to be funny. *DC:* What’s your idea of an ideal date? *AB:* As long as the person is nice, it doesn’t matter what we do.
  • Lisa Rinna


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