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8 Chick Flicks Guys Actually Like

  • When Harry Met Sally

    It’s the ultimate question—can a man and woman ever have a strictly platonic friendship? Harry and Sally spend the entire movie talking about relationships and guys still like it because the dialogue’s hilarious—in fact, almost every man I surveyed mentioned this movie almost immediately. I’m sure that infamous scene with Meg Ryan in the restaurant doesn’t hurt either.

  • Bridget Jones's Diary

    Bridget’s an insecure woman who struggles with weight and dating issues—sounds like the ultimate anti-guy flick, right? Except her honesty and vulnerability make her too endearing to resist, and her jerk of a boss oozes the kind of frustratingly charming arrogance guys wish they could pull off.

  • The Wedding Singer

    Most Adam Sandler flicks get a free pass from dudes—well, maybe except the ones where he attempts serious acting (see:Spanglish). Plus, as one of my guy friends explains, the great cameos—especially Steve Buscemi as an alcoholic best man and Jon Lovitz as a pompous wedding singer rival—seal the deal.

  • The Princess Bride

    Okay, so I wouldn’t designate this classic as a full-on chick flick, but it does have one of the genre’s essential components—weepy, sentimental, over-the-top love. It also has awesome swordplay, Andre the Giant, and Rodents of Unusual Size, which are enough to lure pretty much any guy into watching.

  • Pretty in Pink

    This movie centers on an outcast girl from the poor side of town, but the real hero of the movie is the second banana, Ducky. He’s a doofus who spends the entire movie never getting the girl, and a lot of guys can empathize with him. Plus, as one guy said, “Molly Ringwald is kind of hot in it.”

  • Mean Girls

    Reading the plot summary for this movie—a teenage girl moves to a new school and gets involved with the Plastics, a group of popular mean girls—it’s easy to write it off as anotherHeathers-wannabe. But the Tina Fey-penned script is razor-sharp and socially relevant without losing its inherent silliness, giving it universal appeal.

  • Amelie

    What guy could resist the adorably charming Audrey Tautou? Throw in a cast of quirky, loveable characters set against beautiful Parisian scenery and it’s a winning combination.

  • Say Anything

    Every female I know in my age group is at least a little in love with Lloyd Dobler. This could make men hate him, but he’s so likeable and relatable that most can’t help but root for him. Plus, he gives them hope about achieving the impossible—getting the unattainable dream girl.

  • Compromise is Key

    Ultimately, a good story, whether or not it utilizes the classic chick flick characteristics (troubled love, female friendships, etc.), can be enjoyed by anyone. What these movies have in common is not that they’re good chick flicks for guys, but that they’re just good flicks overall. So the next time anyone sees a couple fighting in the Blockbuster aisle over The Notebookversus Rambo III, hand them When Harry Met Sally and call it a day.


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