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That Chick with the Huge Guns: First Celebrity Crush

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The year was 1984—the movie, Terminator. Most people think of Ah-nold when thinking of Terminator, but I was drawn to the small, determined woman playing the future mother of the resistance leader, John Connor. Back then, I didn’t know I was gay, so I can’t say that I was all moon-eyed over her, but I was definitely drawn to her. 

Then, in 1987, a show called Beauty and the Beast aired and the official crush took root and began to blossom. Though I had to look past the horrific eighties hair and towering shoulder pads, the fact that her character, Catherine, spent half the show in silky, filmy nightgowns wasn’t lost on me. The fact that it was a love story made her that much more desirable to me. 

And then came Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Whoa. The first time we see her in the movie, she has flipped over her bed in the mental hospital and is doing pull-ups, with crazy-defined, glistening biceps. Hubba hubba indeed. She actually trained with an Israeli commando to get those guns, which really impressed me. But even though she could pump-load a 12-gauge shotgun with one arm (sigh), she also remained a fierce mother and a woman with depth and concern for the world. 

I’ve watched all of Linda Hamilton’s movies, even the bad ones, and I still can’t get enough of her. I admired her bravery when she publicly admitted that she has bipolar, and I admired her decision to move to Hawaii and out of the Hollywood lifestyle when she began raising her kids. She has it all—beauty, brawn, and bone-rattling sex appeal. 

MTV got it right in1992 when she won the MTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Female. After all these years, she still holds that spot in my heart (and imagination). 

Photo courtesy of Magnera (cc) 

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