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Colombian Coffee Farm Life

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What sort of things do you smell on a Colombian coffee farm, you ask?

Well, the air is always heavy with humidity and fresh un-roasted coffee beans that produce an enticing bitter aroma that is not dissimilar to smouldering moss or dying leaves in the autumn. This scent gets lifted into the breeze and mixed in the air with neighboring banana and plantain trees ... creating the sweetest combination of banana coffee, should such a thing exist ... (and if it did exist, I would be so pleased as to feel the urge to clap my hands for joy.) There is also a lingering peppery smell of constantly budding flowers, in such vivid colors that I, in fact, had to wear sunglasses just to gaze at their brilliance.

What sort of things do you hear on a Colombian coffee farm, you ask?

Well, there is never a moment where you don’t hear the calls of at least fifteen different bird species at the same time. It’s quite difficult to distinguish between the many chirps unless you’re a skilled birder like my big brother (who, by the way, is also very good at making pancakes.) The birds basically make up the soundtrack of coffee farm life, and their singing provides a welcome symphony of relaxation and tranquility while you swing in a hammock with a cup of coffee and with just one single care in the world: how to maim the six-legged bug crawling up your thigh without actually touching it ... why, with your scalding cup of coffee, of course. And if you happen to have sensitive inner thighs like I do, then everybody loses ... but at least you’ve confused the hell out of the stupid bug and the sweaty coffee picker who had been watching you from behind a nearby avocado tree who then joins the rest of his fellow workers in the hills ... and then you also hear them laughing in the hot sun.

What sort of things do you do on a Colombian coffee farm, you ask?

Well, you do a whole lot of nothing under the guise of deep contemplative thinking. This can be achieved anywhere on the farm, and at any time of day simply by staring off into the distance and becoming enveloped in the surroundings of the Colombian jungle. This was my favourite thing to do, and is, in fact, my favourite thing to do even when I’m not on a Colombian coffee plantation. It’s just so damn satisfying.


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