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Computers & Kids

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Computers have become permanent fixtures in most of our homes. Chances are if you have a television you have a computer in your home. Children are learning about computers at a very fast pace. Kids consume their day with video games, television, and computers. With the improvement of technology kids can watch music videos, movies, play games, and talk to friends all from the computer.

Viruses used to be the common threat that we would battle on our computers. Now it’s internet predators, hackers, and other computer savvy criminals. With all of these things going on how do you keep your kids safe? You could purchase a software program to install on your computer to regulate your child. Chances are your kids will figure out how to manipulate the program in a matter of days. Kids are internet savvy so in many cases they will search on the internet for a resolution to their problem. You may think you have them beat but they will disable the program while you’re out and put it back before you come home.

Put your computer in a commonly used room. Your children may complain that there is no privacy but this will help you to monitor what is happening. Talk to your child about responsible usage. You can monitor your child’s computer use at home but you can’t monitor it when they go to their friend’s house. At this time you need to rely on the morals and values that you’ve taught your child. As a society we’ve become weak on the teaching of values. We are an on-the-go society where parents are spending less and less time with their kids. Many times we allow the television and computers to baby sit our kids. This is a huge responsibility to put on kids. Remember when you first got your drivers license? You started off being responsible but it never hurts to have a parent keep you honest.



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