Confession of a Chaster

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Note to readers: The following article should not be misconstrued as a medical condition that needed psychiatric attention. The condition manifested here by the subject does not in any way warrant immediate professional intervention. It is a true-to-life behavior exhibited by someone who was caught in the midst of a global euphoria created by fans strong and enduring love and adulation for Charice. I am one victim but I am able to lead a daily productive life. My adulation for Charice does not in any way interfere negatively with my daily activities but rather had made me a better person. I have met the most wonderful, loving people from the Philippines. I have formed great friendship with people who otherwise I will never have the chance to be me had it not been for Charice and her music. By author Lovely Soul.

The research done to write this article is quite extensive, thorough and most of all confidential. To protect the innocent, I will not divulge any name. In Hollywood, to create controversy, and most of all to keep people buzzing, often times, writers will “beat around the bush” and will embellished their article to create hype, and hysteria.

But this article is a true-to-life encounter with someone who apparently had fallen victim to the recent “mania” called “Chaddiction.” Whoever coined this word had so much knowledge of what it translate in today’s world.

We will treat this poor person with much dignity and respect. She had fallen into the “abyss” of chaddiction and now we need to throw her a lifeline.

Let’s start, and see if we could correctly enumerate the symptoms that had taken over this poor human’s well-being:

1. Uncontrolled tears whenever she watches Charice’s performances
2. Inability to control urges of wanting to know the latest about Charice
3. Obsessive need to watch videos of Charice even during unholy hours
4. Compulsive need to turn on her PC to see if she misses anything Charice
5. Repetitive watching of Charice videos, sometimes, 60 to 100 times or more
6. Refusal to perform any other tasks around the house
7. Secretly setting aside money to buy Charice’s CD’s
8. Being overly sad if not able to attend Charice concert
9. On every conversation, her main topic is Charice

There might also be other underlying symptoms, not readily discernible, due to the fact, that a person bordering into obsessive compulsive behavior could easily hide her consuming passion from unsuspecting loved ones or friends. But those areas, will eventually surface at any given moment.

Last May 9, 2009, Charice had a concert with David Foster and Friends in fabulous “City of Lights” Las Vegas, Nevada. This Chaster unfortunately was not able to attend, despite of months of preparation. Sometime in April 2009, she had prepared her passport, and had made flight reservations, and also had purchased her concert tickets thru Internet. She had also paid her way to join the Chaster’s birthday soiree for Charice’s seventeenth birthday celebration. All in all, she was quite organized with her plans, considering the fact that she resides in faraway Japan.

Unfortunately, the last thing that she needed to make her dream comes true to see her idol was mercilessly denied.

She was frantic and very, very upset. By the tone of her e-mail to me, she was honest to goodness distraught, and disappointed. I tried to console her. You see this is my friend, and I share in her grief. I offered to make few phone calls to the U.S. Department of State but was told that she needed to fix her problem with the local Embassy in her town in Japan. She was not really banned but was told to re-apply. So, I reassured her that things looks brighter because they could easily reconsider her request for a visa. But my dear friend, was so heart-broken that she finally decided to give up the pursuit. I was deeply touched. I do not know what to do next.

In the following days after the Las Vegas concert, I still feel the sadness in my friends voice. So, I told her that I do have two Las Vegas magazines dated May 5, 2009, and will send her one copy for her souvenir.

Charice was on the front cover. First time in Las Vegas history that an Asian performer was the featured cover girl for the magazine. So, my friend was so delighted, excited, and could hardly wait to get her hands on the magazine. I sent it to her via Express Mail, the fastest that it could reach her. The rest is history.

Now, let’s get back to this obviously all consuming passion that has overtaken a helpless human being so vent into having and knowing and watching anything Charice. What in the world make people so obsessed with Charice?

Well, I myself was not spared from the euphoria. I was bitten by a “bug” that has spread all over my tiny body making me wanting to also see, learn, watch, have and know everything that has to do with Charice.

In my young busy life, I never obsessed with any artist no matter how much other people are drawn to them.

Sure I would buy and listen to their music but not go over board as to stop my life and be a “slave” to every performance. But nevertheless, I did not escape the Charice addiction. I became so driven to check what is the latest about her. I feel like setting aside money to buy her CD’s, and download her music on ITunes. I filled my IPod with Charice’s powerful ballads like: “Run to You,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Try It On My Own,” “Listen, I Have Nothing,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and on my repeat mode is the haunting song, “Stand Up For Love.”

I do experienced crying spells, especially when I listen to “Stand Up For Love.” I thought about all the little children around the world who are dying of hunger, and diseases. The song best described today’s world condition where there is so much suffering, giving up, and hopelessness. Charice sang the song with much fervor that she is giving a message to the world that we need to “stand up and be counted.” One night, I was preparing my research report for my class, my Ipod ear plugged was on my ears all night long that I forgot the time, and when I looked up the balcony window of my bedroom, the sun was already rising. I listened to Charice practically all night and yet, I do not want to put down my IPod. I want more!

That is how strong the effect is. I know my friend was not alone in her obsession, I completely emphasized with her. She was “hit” with something so powerful that mere humans are not able to resists. However, the “bug” or the mania was so pleasant and gives inner joy that only comes from adoring a young girl named Charice.

Based upon my involvement with people in the Charicemania community, it is safe to say that the demographics of Charice’s fan base are from the youngest of ten years old to the not-so-young of approximately 80 years old. Charice must be able to stick to her current genre of powerful ballads showcasing her extraordinary ability to hit and hold those high notes to be able to hold captive her millions of fans around the globe. But yet, she needed to also venture into her desire of trying other genre wherein she could display her ability to sing and dance the faster music for today’s younger set. Either way, as a die-hard, true-blue Charice fan, it is almost certain that Charice is here to be the next big superstar.

As our chaddiction gradually intensified to obsession, let us not forget to practice restraints that our fixation to Charice is for the sheer enjoyment of her God given talent. She is given to us by the Almighty Lord for an obvious reason. Her singing talent is her way of giving joy and precious love that only a person with pure talent such as hers could deliver. We must be thankful that Charice is here during our lifetime. Let’s wish her more success and may God Almighty watch over her and her millions of fans.


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