Creative Ways to Revamp Your Shoes

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There is nothing better than a good pair of shoes. Great shoes improve your posture, flatter your figure, give you a more attractive gait, and provide the base for a stylish outfit. Shoes always fit, no matter how many scoops of slow-churned goodness you added to your cone last night. And as Cher Horowitz of Clueless would say, “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet!”

Instead of buying a new pair of shoes for every trend, why not take some old, washed-up, has-been shoes from your closet and DIY them into something unique? There are myriad ways to re-do your shoes. If you follow these how-to tips, even your shoe rack will inspire you to say “Hello, Lover …”

Re-Do Your Shoes: Make a Removable Embellishment
Make a simple ribbon or chiffon embellishment that you can add to any pair of strappy heels and remove when the trend dies down. Because let’s face it, wearing ruffly chiffon leaves all over your feet is not going to be popular for long. For these tutorials, use a ribbon as a base to hold whatever embellishment you want (be creative!) and attach it to Velcro strips (thus the “removable” part).

Re-Do Your Shoes: Decoupage
You already know how to decoupage a piece of furniture or a picture frame, but did you know you could decoupage a pair of shoes too? With a little mod podge, some fabric, and a hot glue gun, you can essentially reupholster a pair of old shoes like you would a couch. Try this tutorial for detailed instructions.

Re-Do Your Shoes: Paint
Spray paint a pair of boring flats or heels with a bright color and seal with a coat of clear spray paint. Make sure you tape off the soles and other places you don’t want the paint to get on, and wait for the paint to dry completely (overnight) before handling.

Re-Do Your Shoes: Sew a Ruffle
Use our handy How to Sew a Ruffle guide to make tiny fabric ruffles to attach to your shoes. This tutorial shows how great ruffle embellishments on flats can look.

Re-Do Your Shoes: Add a Flower
Use one of our easy fabric flower tutorials, or crochet or knit a flower, and attach it to your favorite heels or flats. Flowers look good on the toes of your shoes or even adorning the ankle straps.

What other shoe refashions have you seen or done?

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