Curious Why People Do What They Do

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There are many professionals in the world inventing, revising, and making products to sell in the world global market today. The creators have to be marketing geniuses with unique ideas that will attract customers. They work hard and invest many hours, days, and years in creating merchandise that is beneficial to the consumer.

It is a joy to go to the store, order online or purchase an item from a well-established business or organization. Bring that item home and enjoy it for a long time. There are the artists too, who are creative and developed their products, their books, ebooks, art, and other pleasing contributions to the public. I would like to explore today why customers, readers go on the Internet and surf for stories that attract their attention and will upload the free version but not the discounted market value ebook.

These authors are writing for passion, to tell their story, and as a job sometimes too. There are mothers, fathers, young people who desired to dream and open their souls to the readers and needs encouragement to continue their writing, and receive funds to pay the bills like everyone else.

Please think about this the next time you upload an Indie Author’s life’s blood, their heart and soul and be willing to contribute that 99 cents or a little more for an valuable masterpiece that can let you escape for a while into a fantasy world of various genres. Google Indie authors and you will be invited in a world of the unknown, mystery and fun and remember to donate to show the authors you appreciate their tales.  


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