Daddy's Little Girl

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I walk in and pull the drink from your hand.

We need to talk.

Your choice: inside or out?

I wonder where did I turn wrong?

I lost my dad.

You wonder two things… where did you fall down?

When did we finally abandon you?

I pray to everything it kills you.

But long ago I made the promise

I wouldn’t let it kill me.

I learned how to save my life.

You begin to wonder how it got this far.

I now know I will never be enough for you to stop.

You can’t possibly lose anything else.

My pigtails in the sun and butterflies on vacation aren’t enough.

Nostalgia won’t hide me anymore from the demon of you and the bottle.

I only wanted to show you the life you abandoned.

I didn’t make you do this.

It was never fair but always your choice.

You never wanted to choose me.



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