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A Day on the Golf Course

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It was a sunny beautiful Saturday, and my sister and I decided to go to a few yard sales. We mapped out our route making sure the first one we go to is at a large apartment complex. We were bound to find some good deals there, but before we went, we had to go to my son's house and pick up a set of golf clubs for my brother. He is a avid golfer and is always on the course, so we needed to pick the set up before we did our running. We stopped for just a moment at a sale we passed, knowing the clubs were in the car and it wouldn't matter to make a quick five minute stop. I bought a table and put down the window on the back of the station wagon, positioning the clubs so they were sticking out a bit. I told my sister I knew a shortcut that will save time, and the road will lead us right on to the highway. She always puts her trust in me. Why I don't know, because all of a sudden the road did not look familiar. I didn't say a word; I knew I was lost, now what? She started questioning me, and I got defensive and out of anxiety I started getting a little overbearing. She said, "Don't get testy with me." I said, "Testy testy, do you want to see testy?" There is a golf cart with two men riding my back bumper! Oh my word, we were driving on a golf course! I had to figure out how to turn the car around, and with that there were four gentleman staring at me with their mouths wide open. I wanted to laugh out of embarrassment, so to try and cover I waved. My sister was sliding down in her seat; she was very upset with me to say the least. Well I quickly put my handicapped placard on the mirror and had to think fast with the golf clubs still sticking out the window as I was being motioned to pull over. "Lady you cannot drive on a golf course." I replied, "I'm sorry I was looking for a parking spot!"


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