Dead of Night

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It was a cloudless moonlit night. Shadows lingered playfully along the long stretch of lonely road. I did not mind really, the lengthy drive gave me precious time to think … what would I say when I arrived, how could I be forthright but gentle at the same time? I began to play out the reaction from every angle, how would she take it? No matter how I tried to soften the blow, it would be a painful night.

No, I won’t think about this now …

I loved this stretch of road that paralleled the beach, during the day it was quite beautiful night it was, well, frankly creepy at times and it certainly didn’t help knowing that the scary looking house was fast approaching. The house was made of metal in the shape of a kettle, a tea kettle. It was dingy, dirty, and rusted all over. As many times as I’ve seen this place, never has it been painted. I always wondered about that house, who lived there? Why was it always empty? It was intimidating in the darkness. It looked like it had never known joy. What woman in her right mind would want to live in such a small space? Maybe it wasn’t a woman, maybe a sea worthy captain? If it was a woman maybe just maybe she wasn’t in her right mind?! I’m letting my thoughts wander come now stop it you’re beginning to your scaring yourself!

What was that? Not what … who? Who’d be out in the middle of this late night alone?

A woman, near the kettle.

She was walking … it was eerie, it looked more like floating, floating?!

Gliding! Yes, gliding and wisps of mist all around her!

She’s looking at me!

Hollow empty eyes staring at me! A grisly smile, she was pointing, her mouth was moving as she glided to the middle of the street!

Her ghostly figure was moving towards me!

Oh my God! I couldn’t stop I was going to hit her! Hit her? I drove right through her! She’s gone! Just like that she’s gone!

Wake up … wake up! I must be dreaming! I fell asleep, yes, that’s it, I feel asleep. I was dreaming my mind is playing tricks! I hit the accelerator all the way down to the floor of the car! The car swerved, I was trembling, I fell asleep … I fell asleep … dare I look in the mirror?

The mirror I couldn’t stop myself from looking I had to know. I saw behind me and in the middle of the street, a shapeless mist began to swirl! There she was! There she was again; the grin was no longer there. She was suspended in the air, arms stretched out and beckoned me to return, and then I heard it the sound of a long agonizing wail.

I couldn’t tell which was faster my heart or the car; both were racing. All I know is the distance between the mist and I grew farther. Never again would I drive this stretch of the road at night, never again! I wanted away from the image, away from the terror that I was feeling.

No one would ever believe me. Let the tea kettle’s mystery remain undisturbed. It’ll be a long time before peace rests upon my soul. What of the one I saw tonight? I have a feeling this apparition is searching for peace too, I don’t think it she’ll ever find it! I pray no one would ever see or hear what I heard tonight not ever! 

It was a dream … I fell asleep … how can it be a dream when you’re wide awake …?


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