Definitely, Maybe a Definite to See

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I just watched the DVD and really enjoyed the film. The movie starts out with a split screen of thirty-something Will Hayes, and the view that Will is seeing from his angle on the way to pick up his ten-year-old daughter, Maya, from school. The view from Will’s vantage takes a new form as Will shares with Maya a love story mystery about his three most meaningful relationships, leaving Maya to guess which woman was her mother. Insightful and wise way beyond her ten years, Maya recognizes signs from a woman’s point of view in Will’s stories that he has never even considered.

Will is working on Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Clinton was mentioned repeatedly in the first half of the film, and the people working hard for the campaign were young, hip twenty-somethings who moved to NYC to make a difference by working on this campaign. These multiple references made me wonder, “Was this produced before Obama entered the scene? Was this so pronounced in this movie to promote Hillary and our upcoming election? Or to draw some form of parallel?” Definitely, Maybe?

The love story mystery spans over many years. The passing of time is represented clearly in the phones Will and the other characters used. Corded, portable, huge cellular, and then smaller and smaller cell phones as time drew closer to the present.

Isla Fisher, who plays April, the copy girl, one of the three women in Will’s life, is adorable! She has a Meg Ryan-type quality about her that I have not seen in any other actress in a long while. Fisher possesses amazing likability qualities like Ryan that I believe both men and women will be drawn to and want to cheer for any character she plays.

The message of the heart-warming Definitely, Maybe is that it is never too late for a second chance at love. I agree, it is never too late. But personally, I related more to the line of the film, “It is sometimes not who but when.” Timing is everything. Sometimes we are just not ready to love at the moment someone we could love arrives.

This is a film that you will love anytime!


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