Demi Lovato Alleged Nude Pictures Leak

Was Demi hacked?

We told you that someone was shopping around what they claimed were naked pictures of Demi Lovato, and now it appears the photos have been purchased!

The person trying to sell pictures of the 21-year-old Glee actress used this sales pitch in the emails:

"We have nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato and was wondering if you would like to buy them. After Demi got with [her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama], my friend sent these pictures as a joke and I have no use for them."

RadarOnline reported last week that they had received an offer to buy the breast-bearing pictures, but were unable to confirm that the photos were truly of Demi and chose not to publish them.

The leaked pictures are getting a mixed response—some fans and critics say it's definitely not Demi, others are sure it is!

If the photos really of Demi, then she certainly isn't the first celebrity to have her private pictures made public. Stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba have all been the embarrassed victims of celebrity hackers: But on the upside, they've all gone on to have successful careers afterwards.

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