Desert Sands

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I’m letting the dust settle

 Leaving it all behind

 I can not carry it with me

 It’ll be gone for good this time

 There is nothing more I can do

 I’ve said all there is to say

 My words may be of no affect

 Or maybe they will remain

 There’s no looking back for me

 I will no longer send

 And I’m leaving your shame behind

 Scattering in the wind

 Once I was covered

 In the dust of your remorse

 But your feigns were obvious

 So I shut the door  

 I’m dusting off my shoes

 The remains of your decay

 I have no choice right now

 All that is left will have to stay

 My prayers, they will suffice

 Haunting your cold, hard conscience

 To let go of your desert sands

 And be free of the darkness


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