Video Interview: Director Paul Feig Talks "The Heat"

"The Heat," a female buddy-cop movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, hits theaters Friday, June 28. We sat down with director Paul Feig for a one-on-one conversation about his new film and some of the laughs we can expect.

Director Paul Feig is no stranger to flipping comedy on its head. In 2011, he proved that there is a place in Hollywood for smart, female-centric comedies when he helmed Bridesmaids, and he continues to push the envelope with his follow-up, The Heat. The movie follows the typical good cop/bad cop model, but with two females in the lead roles. Sandra Bullock plays the smug by-the-book FBI agent Sarah Ashburn, while Melissa McCarthy steps into the role of unpredictable and unhinged Detective Shannon Mullins. We had a chance to talk to Feig about the influences behind The Heat and what it was like making what may become the first successful female buddy-cop movie.


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