Dirty Little Secret

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One day as I was sitting fishing beside my favorite lake.
And my fishing partner and best friend said he had a secret.
That it couldn’t wait.
As I sat there beside him sitting by the lake. I
wondered what was so important that it couldn’t wait.
You see my best friend was sometimes my date.
On our dates we would go to the movies or to
the store. Sometimes we would just go roller skate.
As we sat there beside the lake. I leaned to him and asked
 him if he wanted to tell me yet. He turned his head and
looked into my eyes. I could see the importance and the
thought in his eyes. Then as he looked into them
again he turned away.
He softly asked me Daddy can I take mommy on a date.
My eyes filled with tears and I turned away.
I gave him a hug and whispered into his ear.
Yes my love you can take mommy on a date.
Happy Mothers’ Day my love.


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