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This is one in a series of four: happiness, misery, marriage, and divorce.

Division of two hearts bonded in matrimony, now severed by discord and damnation.

Irreparable damage to a crumbling foundation because the effort to mend was nonexistent.

Value of vows, standards, and promises have seeped out slowly until they no longer exist in each other’s eyes.

Oath of togetherness until the end of time is careless tossed aside. Promises to love one another are but echoes of words uttered in the past.

Random acts and resounding words that belittled or hurt have finally taken their toll.

Change, circumstance even complicity turned the tides from love to contempt. Eroding an already weakened foundation.

Erstwhile a once spoken love cast aside as if it never had a worth. Leaving both broken of spirit and stigmatized and never truly healing.



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