Do You Have The Crazy?

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What’s scarier than the monster in Cloverfield? According to this new horror flick, it just might be you.

Horror is a pretty polarizing genre. There are people who love it (Like me. Last Halloween I hosted a marathon that included classics like the original Jennifer Jason Leigh version of The Hitcher and an awesome movie from the ‘70s called The Sentinel.), and then there are those who write these movies off because of poor story line, hackneyed characters or too much unnecessary sex and gore. To all the horror haters I respectfully say, you must see The Signal, which played at our film festival last April. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The premise of this fun new flick: It’s New Year’s Eve in the imaginary city of Terminus and all forms of communication (televisions, cell phones, etc.) are jammed by a high pitched sound that turns normal people into enraged, murderous sociopaths (I hesitate to use the term “zombies” because they remain pretty cognizant). What makes it unique? The story is broken down into three “transmissions”—each part told from the unique perspective of a different director, but oddly, it still flows really well.

Yes, there is some sex and a plethora of gore. But this thoughtful movie also has an interesting narrative, loads of dark humor and powerful characters who are much deeper than your average screaming victims—which is why it wowed the crowds at Sundance last year and stands poised to achieve cult classic status. Don’t miss your chance to take this wild and exciting ride while it’s on the big screen.

The Signal opens February 22 in theaters nationwide. Click here for tickets and showtimes.

By Caroline Stanley

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse


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