Does My Personal Zodiac Sign Fit Me?

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We have all heard the advice about reading the Horoscopes,” Don’t take them seriously; it is all a game, or for fun.” I thought that for many years until I had lived Life for as an adult for awhile. Uncannily enough, my particular Zodiac sign fits me, while probably not perfectly, because it describes my overall personality, and the kind of things that I prioritize.

Because I was born between the end of December and January, my Zodiac sign is Capricorn. The Capricorn has very set, DEFINED ,characteristics. These characteristics include, stubbornness, working too much (at your career), to the point where you almost need to learn to have fun. They are also leaders in their respective fields. They enjoy material things and would not eliminate them from their lives.

Capricorns (represented by the Goat), usually at the higher end of the Intelligence scale, may know the correct answer to a problem or Dilemma. However they should not “lord it over” others. Most are able to work as a team and often, someone who at first might seem adversary, can be WON over to become an ally.

While many people of different signs may have some of the Capricorn characteristics, most of my characteristics fall under this sign as opposed to other signs. I certainly wouldn’t make decisions based on a Horoscope, people do have different Personality traits and prioritize certain ideas over others for their lives. It’s best to keep Sign reading as Fun or a leisure activity.



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