Dream Lover Where Are Thou?

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A deep sigh, a restless longing
A sultry breeze over naked flesh Heightens my awareness
Every nerve alive. Waiting.
A gentle hand, caresses

Back arches to meet the familiar touch,
Urging me on my journey.
Hot skin. Curves, hollows, ridges.

Fingertips dancing to a silent beatleaning back in my chair.
Flushed and breathless.
my legs open as if helped by you
feeling your strong hands on my ankles
smiling at me as you watch me touch
longing to feel your fingers inside of me
cant stop baby … watch me circle and stroke

Inner thigh tenses, teasing circles, like a predator.
Breath quickens, audible gasp.
Velvet, soft, wet
Like sliding on silk.
Shallow breath.
Unfolding bud of my secret garden.

So alive. Heat spreads, body tingles.
Thighs shiver. Deep throbbing sweet release
My lover … When I think of you … I need to touch Myself


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