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The Dream Trip

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Every wondered why we are immediately exhausted at the very thought of having to plan a trip? Its because we are aware of the labour: mental and physical, involved in the task of planning a dream trip. What do we do |? We turn to a travel agent: middlemen who charge us additionally for their services and end up convincing us to plan our trip around their convenience, limited to the services they are willing to provide.

Now picture this: what if, there were a website, that allowed you to plan your own trip? No, not another travel website with a million pre-planned trips and packages to a number of destinations. Instead, a website that uses Facebook, Twitter and a number of social media websites to come up with recommended places, cafes, things to do: by locals, your friends on the various social media platforms, and other tourists. You have the liberty to pick and choose what you would like to do, and how you would like each moment of your trip to pan out. A one-stop-shop website that lets you book hotels, transport: everything, in an a-la-cart manner where you can pay right at the end once you have put your trip together: all on the website itself. Innovative much? Or, you could call it the road to your Dream Trip.

Why I say this, is because I stumbled across this website called "Tripese" due to launch soon. And everything you just imagined is what it will do. Its an innovation in the field of tourism. With a brilliant concept and a website attractive enough to take over the world, Tripese is all-out to change the way you plan your trip. It's like making your own personal scrap book from scratch. Following are the contact details for the website: a start up by two engineers who quit their jobs on the way to building something grander.



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