Dreams and Reality

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In my dreams I’m with a boy.
A great boy,
who adores everything about me.
There’s nothing he doesn’t like.
In reality I’m with this guy.
An arrogant guy,
who doesn’t like me very much.

In my dreams I’m cherished.
I’m never taken for granted.
In reality I’m scorned.
I’m always overlooked.

In my dreams I laugh and smile.
I’m happy, joking, not a care in the world.
In reality I frown and cry.
I’m sad, upset, always a load on my shoulders.

In my dreams I make plans.
I believe great things will happen.
In reality I have given up.
I know that there is nothing left for me.

In my dreams there’s pleasure and enjoyment.
My needs are always fulfilled.
In reality there’s pain and discomfort.
I’m not provided with anything.
Everything that means anything is taken away.

In my dreams I grow old with him.
We sit on our front porch swing and talk.
We hold hands and watch the sun set.
In reality I may leave him soon.
I sit alone in our bedroom and think.
I bowed my head and pray.

In my dreams I’m finally and completely free.
In reality it’s a difficult decision to make.


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