Eight Up-and-Coming Style Icons to Watch in 2011

Move over, Blake Lively. Hasta la vista, Alexa Chung. There’s a new crop of fashion muses in town. Sure, some of these stunning actresses haven’t passed their driving tests yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from jet-setting from the runway to the red carpet. With style aesthetics unique to their personalities, these eight women have made Hollywood, fashion editors, and the rest of us sit up and take notice. Related Stories: The Most Popular Kids at Hollywood High Single and Successful: Celebrities Who Redefined “Spinsterhood” What It Costs to Hire a Reality TV Star
  • Elle Fanning

    Being dressed by Valentino for Vogue’s Met Ball, starring in Spielberg’s newest sci-fi flick, “Super 8”, becoming friends with Sofia Coppola and Karl Lagerfeld—all before starting high school! Who wouldn’t want to be Elle Fanning? With personal style she describes as _“The Virgin Suicides_-meets-Twiggy,” Elle’s willowy frame make the budding actress a perfect fit for Marc by Marc Jacobs’ fall campaign.

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  • Bip Ling

    With her alluring feline features and punk-rock hair, Bip Ling is the latest in a string of British “slash girls” (as in model-slash-DJ-slash-blogger) to take America by storm. Bip’s quirky, offbeat style encapsulates London’s “Who-gives-a-nugget?” modus operandi. In fact, Forever 21 recently named Bip their newest style ambassador—can she fit another “slash” in her name?

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  • Jennifer Lawrence

    A truly spectacular dress can change your life. Remember Elizabeth Hurley’s iconic Versace safety-pin dress at the Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere? (Hugh who?) When Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence emerged in her curvaceous Calvin Klein gown, everyone stopped thinking, “Little gold man” and started thinking, “Little red dress.” Poised to inherit Scarlett Johansson’s “bombshell” crown, Jennifer stars in the highly anticipated Hunger Games franchise, slated to be the next Twilight.

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  • Mia Wasikowska

    I’m already envious of Mia Wasikowska for making out with sex-god Michael Fassbender in Jane Eyre, but she’s überfashionable too! The ethereal, androgynous beauty resembles a mini–Tilda Swinton, taking intriguing risks on the red carpet and favoring Rodarte and Prada to complement her gamine style. Plus, Mia’s cute pixie crop gives Emma Watson a run for her money.

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  • Hailee Steinfield

    Meet the new face of Miu Miu. Hailee Steinfield’s tough, girlish charm won over Jeff Bridges in True Grit … and apparently Miuccia Prada, too. The petite actress has been spotted in front rows in Milan and Paris in age-appropriate (but never boring) outfits.

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  • Emma Stone

    From Jonah Hill to Ryan Gosling: Emma Stone’s luck in leading men seems to increase with time. Fortunately, her fashion sense follows the same trajectory. As Mary-Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, Emma’s sexy, sophisticated dress sense suits her witty personality. Way to step up your game, Mary-Jane.

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  • Chloë Moretz

    Following her foul-mouthed breakout role in Kick-Ass, Chloë Moretz and her career shows no signs of slowing down. Lucky for us! She’s only fourteen, but Chloë shows a fearless love of color Hit Girl would be proud of. Moreover, the gorgeous actress gained instant fash-pack cred with a cover on Love magazine. Next stop: Vogue!

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  • Elisabeth Olsen

    You’re forgiven for thinking that there were only two Olsen fashionistas: Mary-Kate and Ashley. But little sis, Elisabeth, just might push her twin siblings off their pedestal. The indie actress favors breezy vintage chic (probably to match her film career), but like sister M.K.’s ubiquitous hobo-boho aesthetic, she’ll have us all running to the nearest Goodwill.

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