Elliot and the Cry of Merdoithlin the Wise (Part 2)

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“I thought Zarianna had explained that to you. Hmmm…. Well, I guess we can start with your story with the Elves. You were born by the choice of God to be a hero to the Elves and a hero to all lives; the Humans, and other beings. You are gifted with the ability to travel great distances in a short time. Many other abilities have been given to you. You are also gifted with the ability of magic. We hope you will use these and many other abilities for the good of the people.” Mr.Reylochie looked at his pocket watch, which he had on a chain around his neck, and gestured to Elliot, and the dining halls’ door. “Now I do believe a certain young fellow needs his rest. Good day!” Mr.Reylochie left to go to his table.

Zarianna appeared seemingly out of thin air. “Elliot, he is right; please go to sleep. I will have a maid show you to your room.” She called to a Hispanic-looking woman. “Patricia! Patricia, dear, I need you to escort this boy to his room, thank you.”

“Right away, Madam Zarianna!” said Patricia. “Elliot, is it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Elliot.

“Well, Elliot, please follow me to your room.” Patricia led Elliot through a grand hall full of ancient paintings of elves’ battle scenes. “This is the Grand Hall of the Dutch. Well, lets get moving,” said Patricia. She led Elliot to a room with a large mat of bear fur, and a Minotaur’s head on the wall; there was also a large double king sized bed, and the walls seemed to be made of Maplewood.

Elliot found himself walking around the room, and finally had some time to think about the day on his own. Who are these people really, and why do they think that I am an Elf? The Elven woman Zarianna definitely seems nice, but who are really the bad guys here? What if it was really the Order that was sent to kill me, and pretended to be helping me when I woke up? Ha! They can’t fool me; I will get a word of truth from them if it kills me. I hope it doesn’t come to that … At this point Elliot found himself on his bed and began to drift off to sleep

It was early morning when Elliot awoke. “Man, that was a strange night!” said Elliot. “I’m supposed to go to see Zarianna, aren’t I?” Elliot walked out of his bedroom to go and look for Zarianna. On the way down the hall, Elliot noticed there was a small bearded man trying to enter the Grand Hall of The Dutch. “Excuse me, can you tell me where Zarianna is, Mr. …?” 

A short heavily bearded man holding a golden axe, and wearing some strange looking brown armor, with a green star with a blue heart in the middle for his crest, looked up at Elliot. “The name’s Teridaus. I have heard a lot about you from good old Zarianna. You say you were looking for her? She is in the training arena outside; follow the red and black stones to find your way out.”

“Thank you sir,” said Elliot.

Elliot followed the stones and went out the big wooden doors. Elliot was so interested in what he saw outside the doors that he gasped in shock. Elliot said,” Holy cow! This place is awesome! Is that a mermaid over there?” Elliot had just seen a woman burst out of a huge lake in front of him. She had bright orange hair, pale blue eyes, really pale skin, and a huge tail with gold and blue scales that shimmered under the light of the sun.


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