Erin Andrews: My Take On the Haters

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“Erin Andrews isn’t playing up her popularity among college dudes? She’s not reporting from inside of 1,000 Cameron crazies, or tearing it up at a big time tailgate in a short skirt? Erin Andrews does not compare to Brennan Tafoya or MacMullen. They are reporters. She does puff pieces in cute outfits. She may like sports, but she’s not a reporter. She may appear at sports, but she’s not reporting sports. She’s a hottie with a microphone (and a curling iron).”

That was a statement was left by a woman commenter off a popular website called and it’s the kind of statement that really gets me fired up. For those that have been living under a rock for the past week may not know about the saga surrounding Erin Andrews, a popular and yes attractive ESPN sideline sports reporter.

Months ago, Erin Andrews was doing the same things every woman does in the morning; take a shower, figure out what to wear, do your hair etc … The only abnormal thing was that some jerk actually drilled a hole through the peep hole of her hotel room door and recorded her every movement robbing her of her privacy for the rest of her life.

Andrew’s legal team over at ESPN has been put in the delicate situation of trying to control this story without making a huge deal about it. Think about it, how do you quietly fight an  internet video when the only way to stop it is to pull out the all the “cease and desist” you have time to muster and hope that the mainstream press doesn’t catch wind of this, thus creating every college guy immediately heading home to google “Erin Andrews Peep Show Video.” Once this actually did happen you can see across the internet how huge this story is sparking the debate over how women sports reporters are treated.

Comments like the one noted above seem to suggest that Erin “asked for it” by simply being attractive. Unlike what may be someone’s first opinion of Erin, she is actually a prime example of how to be smart, have a passion for sports and attractive. Andrews graduated from UF with a degree in telecommunications and worked for several news stations and papers for teams like hockey’s Tampa Bay Lightning and baseball’s Atlanta Braves before eventually landing at ESPN in 2004. She was never handed her job over at ESPN on a damn silver platter, she worked for it.

From reading the blogosphere it seems that people are either creeps about the situation, think “Erin planned this out” or like me are absolutely disgusted at this situation she has been put in. Erin Andrews is a refreshing role model for girls like me who want to earn respect and not be exploited in a male dominated industry. Its times like these that women have to stick together and not result to the scum of the commenter I noted earlier.

Being a woman sports reporter you constantly have to prove yourself. If you happen to be attractive, everyone automatically assumes “she only got that job because she’s hot.” Excuse me but Erin Andrews has never had to pose in playboy to become a relatively known sports reporter (cough, Lisa Guerrero, cough). Being an attractive woman in the world of sports means you are a target of assumptions before an interview has ever taken place. Looks may have gotten Erin a foot in the door but it’s her raw talent that has earned her a dream job at the White House of sports.

Keep your head up and moving forward Erin, you have all the support in the world from me.


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