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Erykah Badu Twitters Her Childbirth

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I think The Cleaver might have to call it quits, because I have officially heard it all.

Singer Erykah Badu, who I enjoy both for her music and her hilariously absurd taste in kids’ names (son Seven Sirius and daughter Puma), just gave birth to her third child. She and boyfriend Jay Electronica, who obviously shares her love of odd monikers, decided to have a home birth. And unlike some home birthers, who just decide to tape the blessed event, the happy couple opted to chronicle their daughter’s delivery via Twitter. (Twitter, if you’re not as much of an internet junkie as I am, is a “microblogging” platform that allows users to post entries that are 140 characters or shorter. I’m @saveassistants if you’re on there and want to follow me. If you have no idea what I just said, don’t worry about it.)

While Badu and Electronica are far from the first celebrities to use Twitter—Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and Neil Gaiman are all active users—they’re definitely the first to use it to liveblog childbirth. I’d share some of the posts (called “tweets”) with you, but her account (username “fatbellybella”) has since been locked and access is permitted to approved friends only.

The baby’s name, for those of you who were wondering? Mars Merkaba. Yeah, they announced it on Twitter.

By Lilit Marcus, From The Cleaver

Photo courtesy of Offsprung


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