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Eureka, I Found It!

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Ah yes, “Eureka I found it!” The saying gives one such a sigh of relief after searching endlessly for whatever it is one is searching for. While visiting Eureka, one might be “in” and also “find” something that was lost at the same time giving a strange double dose of satisfaction throughout the day. One such example is The Lost Coast Brewery.

The city is a foggy old town of about 25,000 people that have a lot of character and makes you feel like you are sometimes in another world. Humboldt State is not too far away and extensive camping grounds are seen throughout the area. It is also home to the Lost Coast Brewery that was established in 1990 and carries a wide selection of outstanding homemade brews from pales to stouts. They have won several awards including the California Brewer’s Festival, Portland Spring Brewer’s Festival, and the Time Standard Reader’s Choice Award. They offer a four-ounce tasting of the ten beers they have on tap for $10, glasses for $3, and pints for $3.50 that can also be paired with a wide selection of brew bites and healthier options. Their Great White is among favorites, but the Downtown Brown and 8 Ball Stout is just as good.

The Stout is smooth and rich that resembles the infamous Guinness but with a hint more coffee and not too filling. The Great White, on the other hand of the spectrum of lighter beer intensity, is an ale with hints of citrus, malted barley, and unmalted wheat.

Once you indulge on a taste of any one of their ten beers and have devoured a plate of nachos, you might find yourself belting out “Eureka, I found it!” and you, my friend, have not only tasted and found your perfect beer, but found the “Lost Coast” all while being in Eureka. 


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