The Exchange

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I believe that each woman has an internal guiding power. I have a firm conviction that we cannot change who we are at our core, but I have faith in the fact that one can make anything happen if one truly believes. I use this logic in the way I run my businesses, coach and mentor my employees, and handle the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

I am a fifty-nine-year old woman who is a self-made multi-millionaire. I didn’t marry money. I didn’t inherit a fortune (not even one dollar). I don’t have a fat trust fund. I am the daughter of poor immigrants from war-torn Germany. My family and I arrived in steerage aboard a Holland-American ship in 1955. We had no earthly possessions except the clothes we wore.

In immigrating to America, my father gave me an opportunity to dream and succeed. He said, “Ingeborg, you can have anything you want to have, be anything you want to be, and do anything you want to do. You just have to be willing to work for it.” And work I did. 

Now, as I enter the second half of my life, I want to do something different with my life, something other than what I have the last thirty years doing. Now I want to write books and let my readers enter into my world of fascinating people, exotic locations, and interesting lives. More importantly, I want my readers to gain a new energy for their own lives, a renaissance of their soles and their spirit. It’s never too late to obtain one’s goals or create and achieve new ones. I chose to write romance books because everyone needs romance in their lives. I decided to write suspense romance, instead of traditional romance, because life is not simple or perfect. Life is complicated, challenging, and often filled with life-threatening obstacles. 

Although self-help books are great sellers and often make the bestseller’s list, more individuals read romance novels than any other genre except for religious-based books. So I thought, how can I motivate readers to believe in themselves, to strive for higher goals, to seek out positive people in their lives, and to enjoy life to the fullest? Why not integrate those goals into the characters for my book? And so that’s just what I did.

I recently went on a Disney Cruise and one of the nightly shows onboard was a show called, Dreams. It was kind of a collage of all the magical movies that Disney had made like CinderellaBeauty and BeastSleeping Beauty, and Pinocchio. When you think about it, all those movies were about people who had obstacles in their lives, had dreams they wanted to fulfill, and they did what they had to do to make those dreams come true. They took challenges, defied the odds, made alliances, sought out friends to help them through tough times, and most importantly, they never gave up. They believed. 

I am a very optimistic person. I have overcome many life-shattering experiences. I have been divorced twice, married three times, been a mistress to a married man, seen a psychiatrist regularly for most of the past thirty years, have Multiple Sclerosis, adopted a teenager when I was fifty, and rescue animals and people whenever I can. I have an average IQ but make up for it with tenacity, high self-esteem, enthusiasm, and the ability to take risks. 

My new book, The Exchange, is a suspense romance novel that allows the reader to see that everyone faces challenges in their lives. Whether the reader is gay, dying of a dreadful disease, struggling with family relationships, trying to gather the courage to go on with their life after the loss of a loved one, or fighting to get back their identity, this book will lift a light to everyone. It’s a self-help book disguised under the umbrella of fiction. It is filled with people that you want to have in your life and can learn from. It’s a spa treatment taking you to exotic locations on board luxury yachts and cruise ships. You can have a sensual orgasm as you share a few hours of mature and sophisticated romance experienced by men and women just like most of us, with not-so perfect bodies but great soles, unrestrained spirit, and immense passion.

Both men and woman will find this new genre of fiction exciting and worth the read—as good as any self-help book, but three times more fun, exciting, and entertaining.



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