Fashion Fails of the Week: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Perez Hilton

From singers to celeb bloggers, this week was full of fashion fails!

27-year-old Lady Gaga has been taking mermaid-inspired fashion far too seriously. She rocked a seashell bra on stage, which is kind of understandable: Far-out fashion and performance go hand-in-hand, but taking it to the streets is another story. While out in London, Gaga sported a fresh-from-the-sea hairstyle, complete with a starfish hair clip. We get it—Lady Gaga is super unique and doesn't conform to the rest of society's expectations, but that doesn't give her fashion immunity.

Speaking of fashion immunity, 20-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus  isn't getting a free pass either. We know she wants to announce publicly that she is no longer Hannah Montana, but she's gone a bit overboard. The only thing more ridiculous than her bejeweled get-up at the VMAs was her raunchy performance.

35-year-old blogger Perez Hilton showed up the One Direction premiere of This Is Us wearing a goofy cap, sweatshirt, and shorts. We know he's a little old to be into One Direction, but that's no excuse to dress like he lives in a Florida retirement home.


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