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Fill 'Er Up?

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Most people (myself included) don't follow any particular philosophy when it comes to putting gas in our cars. When the little dial gets close to E, or the iconic gas can flashes red, it's time to top off the tank. But there are some people who take a much more calculated approach to gassing up. A friend of mine recently confided that she always keeps her gas tank completely full just in case war breaks out and gas suddenly becomes unavailable. Well, sure, I guess that could happen. Then again, she also talks of building a bomb shelter to survive Armageddon, so I'm not convinced that running to the pump every other day is the best use of my time. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a friend who refuses to put more than a few gallons of gas in her car at a time. Her reason? If she gets in a fiery car crash, there will be less fuel to burn. Okay, so my friends might not be the most optimistic bunch. And while I don't know if there is any evidence to support the notion that cars carrying less gas are safer, I'm willing to bet probably not. In the end, my two (slightly crazy) friends spend tons of time running to the pump -- one to make sure her tank is completely full at all times, the other to make sure she has just enough gas to get where she's going. So while I appreciate the perspective, for the entertainment value if for nothing else, I think for now I'll keep the philosophy out of my fill-ups, and just continue to fill 'er up before the dial reads empty.


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