Finding My Happy Place

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I’ve never been one the get the very best, I always got second or third. But with my happy place, I got much more than I deserved. I’m insecure, I overreact a lot, sometimes I get difficult, sometimes I confuse my self, but there is only one thing I know for sure; where my happy place is.

I’m dedicating this to Paul Humble, my one and only love, because when im with him, i am in my happy place.

For so long, I walked the same path,
never going astray to the wild adventures that lay beyond,
that line of tall dark trees,
with the alluring sounds,
the sweet smells,
because nobody said it was okay,
but nobody said it wasn’t.
One day I was curious, so I jumped in.

For a long while him and I,
were only slight friends,
we barley spoke.
Until the day I realized,
there was a tingly feeling,
my hand felt,
every time we high-fived,
or slightly touched the others hand.
And it stayed there.

So we were talking one day,
he invited me to join him for a walk in the,
dark, dark woods.
I went in, took a couple steps,
got scared and ran back out.
He stood by the entry way,
waiting very patiently,
until I was ready to go back in.
That’s when I truly found everything,
I had ever been looking for.

On the path i had been on,
I now realized was a big grey, ugly smudge.
Because here, where he took me,
I saw rainbows, and stars, and the sun,
shining down on us as we held hands,
and walked the new path together.
We saw so many beautiful places,
met so many wonderful faces.
We wanted to see more,
so we kept walking.

Like any path,
this one also had holes, and bumps.
As we both stumbled over them,
we learned how to fill in the holes,
and smooth out the bumps.
We kept walking.
We wouldn’t let that make us,
fall to our knees.

One day it was cold.
So I let him hold me in his
arms, and the feeling i felt,
was incredible.
So warm, so safe,
it was like nothing I had ever felt,
in my life before.
It is amazing.

Once those cloudy skies,
rolled the dreariness away,
we kept walking.

And today, well today,
we explored some more of the vast,
majestic world and all it has to offer.
Tomorrow won’t be the same,
we will make new discoveries,
take new paths, that will lead us,
on to enrich our lives in a different way,
than it did today.
Our adventures await.

So his hand, entwined into mine,
we will walk together,
on this exciting path,
we like to call life.
And in his arms I will stay,

I love you




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