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Five Rules for Buying Kindle Books

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I read a lot—probably three hours a night. I love to read fiction and non-fiction, but I'm fairly picky about what I'll read. I was an English Education major so it's in my blood. I'm addicted. I like books, but I hate book reviews because they fool me every time. I go to Amazon and look at a book, and the endless number of book reviews, and I get sucked in. I get a sample for Kindle. It seems really good. I buy it. By chapter three, I'm pissed that I wasted all that money. So, I've developed some rules:

1. NEVER buy a book that has hundreds or zillions of favorable reviews, because that generally means that it is a genre book. Avid fans like any old crap. They don't care about plot development or setting or good characterizations. Think Twilight.

2. ALWAYS get a sample first, read it and DO NOT BUY THE BOOK YET. Let it settle in and go back in the next night or afternoon and read it again. Go read the reviews, keeping in mind rule number one. If you still like what you read and the reviewers sound like your kind of people, then you might consider it. I guess you are beginning to understand how much money I've wasted on bad Kindle books. They should never archive everything you've bought because then you KNOW how much money you've wasted!

3. DRIVE to the library. I know the couch feels good, but you have a library card. Use it. They are free. You only have to put up with creepy homeless guys sleeping in the stacks or following you around. You're middle-aged. They are not trying to sleep with you. They just need money for drugs or booze. It would be cheaper to give them a couple of bucks instead of wasting $14.99 on Kindle.

4. RE-READ your archived Kindle books. If you are over 50, you will have forgotten what happened.

4. Check your archived books, because you've probably already read the book and don't remember it if you're over 50 years old.

5. One word book titles are tricky. Think Twilight again. I'm still mad that this woman could make all that money from writing that very badly written Harlequin romance.


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