Five Secret Romantic Celebrity Getaways

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Who doesn’t need a break every now and again to recharge those drained batteries and really enjoy some quality time with their spouses/partners and spend some of that hard-earned cash on building memories? But not everyone enjoys the same old vacation spots and look for something more exotic and adventurous to make their vacation worthwhile, while others hunt for secluded beaches and luxury.

These are all great vacationing pursuits, a perfect combination of both leisure and enchanting mysteries; at least that is what the brochure says. We have all had at least one bum holiday to realize that the brochures and travel agents do not always deliver on promised paradises. In fact, most of the popular romantic hotspots are crowded and over priced leaving us standing in queues and hunting for good spots by the beach.

“While celebrities are seeking out the world’s best resorts, the resorts are also seeking out the celebrities. Having a multi-million (or billion) dollar guest like Paul McCartney stay at a resort is the best endorsement any hotel can get. Since he can afford to stay anywhere he wants, the rationale goes that he only stays at the best. Likewise, resorts woo celebrity clients and often give them discounted, or free, stays to generate publicity

There is some salvation for these holiday blues, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely a tested method of choosing great vacation spots; something your partner will remember forever. It is a little something we like to call, follow the celebrity. Not like paparazzi but just their vacationing spots. This will ensure that you get a great spot in the sun and you will beat out the crowds.

We all know how harassed celebrities can feel with all the media hype and attention build around their lives and though not all of them like to fight the attention the ones that do are the ones really worth chasing after. It is a great idea to go to places that these secluded celebrities enjoy because you will not only get great vacation spots but unbelievable luxury.


1. Ho Chi Minh:
This is one of our favorite exotic hideaways of the celebrities—one world famous couple in particular, the ever hunted, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They spend their thanksgiving holiday in the enchanting city of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in 2006. Brad and Angelina reportedly drove all over the city on a motorbike, soaking up the local culture. The one thing that is most attractive to tourists is the preservation of culture in the country still largely untouched by the multinational “free-market” franchises.

Brad and Angelina adopted an orphan in Vietnam named Pax an addition to their International family of six pups. The Vietnamese culinary experience, especially the intricate and delicate spices and the incredible street food is sure to make anyone’s holiday worthwhile. If you want to bag a few trinkets of culture and some exotic Souvenirs, the Ben Thanh Market will be a great spot of indulgence.

If you are a history buff, the War Remnants Museums will be a jolt to your historical senses. Just beware the Vietnamese hold no punches and the sheer brutality of modern war might not be comfortable to all. Pham Ngu Lau in district one is a road that provides tourists with their nightlife and further traveling modes inside Vietnam. The restaurants and bar are open until late at night and play host to an International patronage.

A trip to Ho Chi Minh will delight your cultural senses and you can relax and enjoy life moving with at a completely different beat.

2. Fernando de Noronha:
If it’s the beaches you love, the Sun the sand, wind along with all the luxury the Fernando de Noronha beaches, a collection of islands, more than 220 miles off the coast of the beautiful Brazil. The remote beaches first came into the spotlight because they served as a love nest for the then in love Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. Brazil known as the party capital of the Americas can be a great vacationing spot in itself but the celebs like to avoid the prying eyes of the public when enjoying their time off work.

Fernando de Noronha, does just that for every visitor gives them a private little piece of its beautifully blue-green beaches. The collection of the twenty-one Islands is a UNESCO’s world heritage site, tucked away nicely preserving itself from over-commercialization. There are however Dolphin beaches, scuba diving, great bars, restaurants, nightlife attractions and an assortment of spas to completely indulge the guests.

It is a perfectly secluded a breathtaking spot to rekindle your romance with life and with your partner. So, like Cruz and Bardem have some luxurious fun at the beach and you’ll have a healthy, rosy tan to boast when you get back home.

3. The Private Island Paradise:
Any celebrity worth their salt today owns a luxurious sandy island secluded and all their own! And though you cannot visit these breathtaking beauties, without an invite (and those are not easy to come by) you can always aspire and sigh (like us) or what’s better, you can actually find several beaches close to these great spots. The great thing about going on a romantic getaway to an island is that it is bound to be remote and private-ish compared to the mainland beaches.


The most famous private island owner in recent history is Johnny Depp, the actor bought a gorgeous island in the Bahamas called the Little Hall’s Pond Cay. These forty-five acres of island paradise cost him 3.6 million green backs. The actor said of his Island in an interview, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it.”

Mel Gibson, the late Marlyn Brando, Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, David Copperfield, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shakira, Eddie Murphy, Nicholas Cage, Celine Dion, Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie , Tony Curtis, Claudia Schieffer, Sir Richard Branson, Faith Hill and Steven Spielberg among many other A-listers all have a private island all their own. A secluded secret romantic getaway that provides celebrities with an escape from journalists and paparazzi … well maybe not all need them but everyone deserves to indulge themselves if they have the resources.

4. Budapest:
Budapest was the latest hotspot for the wildly popular couple of the “twilight” fame, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The two teenage heartthrobs were looking for some downtime in this enchanting and historical city, the capital of Hungary. Named a world heritage site by UNESCO it was throughout history considered the cultural capital of Europe and the footprints of the different dynasties are seen throughout the city’s beautiful paths.

Stewart and Pattinson had the right idea when they decided to go to Budapest to soak in some of the culture and get some precious time together. Pattinson was in Budapest filming his new flick, Bel Ami and Kristen joined her so they could spend some time together away from the prying eyes. Budapest is a gorgeous place for any couple to visit with a great cacophony of melting cultural dimension mixed with great summer festivals and concerts.

Even the railway system in Budapest is filled with old charm, the Millennium Underground Railway is only a second oldest railway system in the world. The whole city is like an illustration out of a book; an illustration that offers great eateries, nightlife, and some ethnic and vibrant shopping escapes. The budding romance between these two young actors must have felt a flutter or two in the cultural heart of Europe far away from the Piazzas and le louvre. Some of the must see sites in Budapest include the Buda Castle, Hero’s Square and the banks of the beautiful river Danube.

5. Mexico:
You do not need to travel half the way across the world for some magical kindling of romance, when like our last couple on the list Seal and Heidi Klum just jump across the border for a great party, renewing their vows. For six years now, the couple throws a big party for family and friends and go down to the beach with their kids to whisper their vows to one another in front of a setting sun.

Everyone knows Mexico is nothing if it’s not fun, the nightlife, plentiful to indulge a thirsty throat, the great summer festivities and the delightful food will definitely bring nothing less than joy and bliss. Mexico is also a great option for multiple couples to head out for some fun together, you can have the desired alone time with your partner when you want some and the rest you can drown together in great company in a city full of life.

Indulge in luxurious spas and the deep sandy beaches and you can possibly rub shoulders with celebrities following the same pursuits you are. Some other celebrities that make Mexico their hot vacationing spot include Meg Ryan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Adam Sandler, Andy Garcia, Goldie Hawn, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and many others. If it’s good enough for their romantic needs, it is bound to be a pleasure giver for you and your partner’s next trip out.


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