The Flower

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Gazing at your once vivid flower that bloomed with life is now withering away. The pain lines under your eyes…it's hard to smile; to cope. You know only God is in control of how many more days, weeks, months or years you may keep your flower. As you look on to your flower which was once full of color, shape and form, your heart aches. You feel as though each tear that falls will somehow put back some life. You wish every touch you can take away the pain. How you long for the past when you and your flower bloomed together multiplying to make your garden of love ones.
Your coloring isn't what it used to be either. You too have felt the withering life has placed on you. The life in each pedal pumps greater and stronger when you are with your flower. Without your flower, you cannot have a bouquet. Each day you search for the sunlight that will touch your flower with its warm embrace as you seek out the smile on his face. Now as your flower lays wilt and limp you lay beside him…holding him close hoping every heart beat will pump into your flower and put back all the things that made each memory a memory. You lay there praying God will either water and feed your flower or take your color, shape, form away and fuse you and your flower together so you both can wither together and go to be in God's garden.



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