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Flowers Are Not for the Faint of Heart!

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Although we always think that weekends are our time to rest and restore ourselves—the truth is that we usually spend those two precious days trying to cram in as many activities as possible. On this particular early-spring Saturday, flowers weighed heavily on the to-do list. The weather wasn’t that great, it had rained for days on end, and now this precious Saturday was a mix of windy cold and the cruel teasing of sun coming out periodically from behind the water soaked clouds.

The ride to the Amish greenhouse was gray—going to the west all the landscape was still hid behind the winter drabness, blossoms still not convinced that it was safe to come out and show themselves. When we pulled up to the farm, we were immediately in a different world than the one we’d hurried to leave. The scenes were idyllic—three gorgeous blond children dressed in their little old world clothes with hats and coats all lovingly made by their mothers. Running with them was a bumbling, frisky Black Lab puppy and right there with them, a spindly, young goat. They were having such a good time, running and falling on the ground and giggling; it was almost as if a movie director had yelled, “Okay, bring on the three Amish children, the bumbling dog, and the spindly goat—okay, now action!” and all of the pictures that you ever saw about the simple lives of the Amish people was now being turned into an epic movie!

Walking into the greenhouse itself was yet another wonderful treat—rows and rows of exquisite flowers and plants splattered with dozens of colors that signify that spring had sprung! What a wonderful departure from the day outside. Suddenly, all that mattered was experiencing each flower and appreciating its every detail until the young Amish girl approached us. She greeted us in such a warm manner, from her voice, you could detect only happiness and contentment. When I looked up from the flowers to actually speak to her directly, I was sad to see that she didn’t have a tooth in her mouth! It looked as though her teeth hadn’t been out for a long time and I couldn’t help thinking how could a young girl—not more than twenty—feel comfortable walking around without any teeth? I wondered if she went to a dentist to have her teeth pulled or did the Amish have another less appealing method to remove them. Could she afford dentures or just chose not to wear them? 

I guess then I had to think about how all the little twenty-year-old girls that you encounter every Saturday at the mall who worry if one hair is out of place or go into complete depression because they have gained 1/16 of an ounce of weight would perceive this little plump girl with no teeth but with happiness written over her broad face devoid of makeup. What would they think about the plain, straight brown hair pulled straight back with a little kerchief and the lack of designer eye glasses? I knew that I was well beyond twenty years old, but in that brief encounter, I really envied her—I wished that my life could have been that simple and that the pure joy of a simple life would radiate from my very being! 

So, what began as a precious Saturday afternoon became far more precious by this experience. I just can’t get this girl out of my mind! There are thousands of questions I would love to ask her, but I would never want her to question her sincere happiness. So, consequently the best thing is to learn the lesson, to stop fretting about what we think should be and instead rejoice in what is.


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