The Font of Creativity

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My current “money making” job is as a web designer, but today as I was hunting through the millions of free fonts you can download online and I was thinking about how great (and useful) these could be as a crafter.

Whether or you stitch, or scrapbook, or paint, you usually use letters at some point. If you’re like me, you like the lettering style to go with whatever you’re doing, but where to find great fonts?

Allow me to show you my two favorite free font sites on the Internet.

1001Fonts: Some really fun and new fonts. The cool thing is you can type the phrase you want and it lets you preview it in the font—very useful!

And DaFont: One of the best selections anywhere!

Both have a wide variety of really cool fonts and could give you lots of ideas for all sorts of projects!

Of course having my love of mid-century, my favorite is Tack-O-Rama. Her retro fonts are to “die for!”

Have fun!

Photo courtesy of FrequentlyWrongbutNeverinDoubt


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