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The Forgotten

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The children. The children. Once again we have forgotten about the children.

Through all of the deceit, lies, and desperation of divorce. Hatred and talk 

of separation. We always tend to forget the “precious” little children. 

Have we forgotten what we had once asked God to give us and bless us with?

The smiles and laughs and baby talk, and those great little hugs and the tiny little

kiss. Is it worth all the pain that is caused to these little Angels of God?

I don’t think so. Think hard. Please think hard. Let praise be given to the Lord.

Let the husband protect the family and carry the sword. Let the wife be the 

nourishing food that makes all in the family grow and for the love I have for my

wife, my children, and the lord God. This I know.

This is a poem that I have written like many other poems I have written. For those out there that are thinking of getting a divorce or separation, don’t. It hurts the kids so much.


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