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Fountain of Youth Runs Dry

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There is no better definition for our society than “Youth Obsessed”. This is the reason I did not celebrate my 30th birthday and the reason plastic surgeons will always be employed. Perhaps the most obsessed individuals stem from the Hollywood territory. Seems to make sense as celebrities are expected never to age and always to appear perfectly airbrushed. 

One actress who has managed to stop the clock with regards to aging, is Demi Moore. Recently the news broke that Moore had been hospitalized for “exhaustion”. Even more recently the reports suggested that the actress was using “whip-its” and has a regular diet of Red Bull, Tuna & Lettuce. For those who do not know what “whip-its” are: whip-its 1. (N) Small canisters of compressed nitrous oxide intended for cooking and baking purposes, which are inhaled for a momentary high.

So think rave scene drug. Substance used predominantly by teenage to mid-twenty-somethings. 

These news reports were surprising as the actress prided herself on practicing an organic-based diet. So why would a beautiful, intelligent woman, abuse a brain cell destroying drug and border on the edge of anorexia? True, she just recently had her handsome young husband walk out the door; but the fact remained, she still had fame, fortune and 3 daughters who need a strong, independent female role model. Could the answer be that without the visual and psychological comfort of being considered young, that everything else is meaningless?

Moore isn’t the only actress who has had to struggle with the age factor. The botched facial procedure on Priscilla Presley, the ever changing physical features of Janice Dickinson & the extreme measures of Madonna (diet & exercise) all reveal the lengths that females go in order to prevent the natural occurrence of growing older. 

While men are not exempt from this senior-phobia; they are less inclined to go to extreme measures in order to prevent the “inevitable”. Some notable exceptions would be:  the facial curiosity of Burt Reynolds and Mickey Rourke. Even with the best plastic surgery, the most intense diet and exercise regimes, everything must fall victim to gravity & genetics. Thus, the journey of prolonged youth is no longer a successful destination. It is a merely a delayed arrival to physical maturity. 


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