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“Oh how I wanna be free, Lord help me. PLEASE!” She begged.
“I can’t take this anymore,” she cried.
 Not knowing he heard everything she said,
 Not knowing he was always at her side.
 Night and day, day becoming night,
 she repeated these same word hoping to acquire some insight-ful news that is,
 but her life was nowhere near bliss.
 She lived her life in constant fear, guilt, regret and shame.
 Hating life, saying
“Fuck this shit, it’s lame and I’m to blame.”
 Living was a tremendous battle and she had hit rock bottom where she was at an all time low.
 She’s lost with nowhere to go
 Confused, misunderstood and hurt
 She wants to run.
 So much pain inflicted upon her,
 by family members, strangers and friends,
 she wants her life to be done,
 she wanted it to end.
 Her inner demons had her trapped.
 “What the hell lord? What the fuck is this crap?
 Take it, take my life away,” she screamed.
“I don’t wanna feel,
don’t wanna touch, smell, see, or taste.
 I can’t figure out why my life is such a waste.”
 She calls out to God, praying for change,
 Wondering if he really hears that shit,
 ‘cause she has her doubts.
Questioning him “What is life all about?”
Only getting nothing but silence for a response.
Silence the one thing that left her derange.
Silence screamed what she believed to be true.
Telling herself “I done already knew.”
It was her against the world.
From the day she was born, life wasn’t always hell.
At first, everything went well.
But shit happens and so things won’t ever be the same.
Living for every one but her damn self.
Doing as she was told, trying to be a “good girl”
soon she’d realize pleasing people wasn’t enough,
Nah, not in this world.
Hoping to feel appreciated and pretty, but in the end all that shit left her with self pity.
Not knowing what to do, she covers up her pain.
Acting like everything is fine.
Letting too many people corrupt her mind.
She feels worthless and depressed.
Letting guys feed her lies and being deceitful,
these men she soon despise.
Making her think about all the misconceptions.
Oh how these men made her hate her own reflection.
Using her for their own selfish pleasure, left her even more stressed.
She couldn’t stand herself
afraid to look in the mirror knowing all she’d see was her imperfections.
She doesn’t want to breathe
“Why doesn’t the lord take me outta my misery”
she doesnt realize that god loves her, blessing her with everything she’s got.
But she was too distraught and so he is misunderstood.
All she knew is that she was the one with a broken heart.
He trys to make her see everything that has happen is for her own good.
It will make her stronger
but given her state of mind, she wanted to take no part.
Forgiving is difficult, but it is a must.
 She knows that she was in vain. There was no one to love, no one to guide her,
no one to trust.
But today was a new day.
This young lady was on her way to becoming a woman, and was no longer in pain.
Once she realized how good god is, she had so much to gain.
He gave her a reason to breathe.
He gave her a life all over again.
She found love, faith, happiness, and comfort.
She is strong, brave, ambitious, focus and confident.
She has god in her and he had her.
No more will she wallow in her sorrows,
god is her everything. Through all of this she now knows.
More importantly, it showed.
She was no longer living for her mother, father, sister or brother.
She wasn’t living for any man or friend.
She would be damn to live for any stranger
she wasn’t that person anymore.
She couldn’t and wouldn’t go back to the life she lived before,
no, not at all because doing that would be her downfall.
So since she wasn’t living for them, she started living for herself and eventually realize she was living for Him.
God is great and wants all his children to shine,
all the pain and hurt had her blind.
But this woman is restored.
God has guided her through the storm,
it was now up to her to surrender and believed
and so she did,
and oh how god was pleased.
His master plan is now back in motion,
he warns her to forget all the lies, their negative intentions
forget all their pre-notion.
“Just be yourself and I am satisfied” he’d say
and so she did, forgetting yesterday and living for today.
She has finally realize that obeying god ain’t so hard.
After all, it wasn’t a game of charades.
She must do as he say and she always prayed.
“God wants to hear from me, it’s now obvious,
he is the reason I am FREE!!



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