Frog Legs

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A “Hoppy” little Froggie was as “Happy” as could be
Jumping on his lily pad and smiling back at me.
Catching flies and insects with his tongue so very long,
Quite the rare Olympian as he skipped across the pond.
His legs, they were “commended” when he hopped across the street, 
By a Russian lifeguard who gave him a small treat.
“Pray tell me, green Amphibian,” said the tall Slovakian man, 
“Would you kindly join me for some honey glaze and ham?”
He cleverly seduced him with compliments, and then
Invited him to dinner in a Spa with orange yams.
The feast, it smelled of spice, with Cajun beans and country rice,
As Froggie drank Champagne and said the water was “Quite Nice!”
But every now and then, the Russian Slovakian man,
Turned up the heat some more under little Froggie’s pan.
As soon as he passed out, indeed there was no doubt,
A tasty treat he’d be with a little sauerkraut.
The moral to this fable is “Don’t show off what you’re able,”
Or you’ll be a tasty treat at a tall Slovakian’s table!


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