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The Game

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The little boy stood at the plate,
his confidence oh so high.
As he saw the ball sail toward home,
wide he thought, then he heard the umpires’ cry.

He kicked at he dirt and took a deep breath,
then he saw the pitch and he could tell,
that the ball was low, but all he heard
was the umpire as he loudly yelled.

He gathered himself up, 
determined to getjust one hit.
As the ball was pitched and he swung his bat,
he heard the ball as it hit the catchers mitt.

You’re out was the umpires call
and as the boy turned toward the crowd,
looking for the familiar face of his dad, 
knowing he would not be very proud.

But much to the little boy’s delight,
he heard his daddy proudly say.
That’s alright son, 
there will be another day.


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