The Getaway That Renews the Soul

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Get away from it all and renew your spirit and your soul. See life through clearer eyes. You do because you have been away from it all. Unexpected calls, complicated relationships, dysfunctional family, bills, and decisions you have to make and clutter accumulated in the home and in the brain—just the regular things that go on in our lives daily.

If you can, go some place that you really love, somewhere that fills you with awe. The description of awe is “feeling of reverence.” It is a place unique to you. For some it’s the mountains. It could be in the middle of a busy town that you feel alive. For me it’s the blue Caribbean beach with its powdery sand and tall coconut trees. It has to be the Caribbean because not all beaches have coconut trees and warm water ranging from aqua blues to turquoise greens foaming up slowly on the beach. Our beaches do not have rough water; the water is just quietly inviting with with an island breeze brushing your face. This is my place to renew my soul. It’s the only place to renew my soul.

Whether it’s a long weekend or a week or two, I know when I leave I will have been to the quiet place inside where all is well. Euphoria a strong feeling of happiness when life is good. There is nothing that can disturb the peace I feel within. I know many people have that wonderful joy after a vacation, some maybe more than others.

It’s not unreal. It does mean you are running away from life’s frivolous stresses. Everyone needs to break away from these everyday stresses. We often worry about things in the future we cannot do anything about, and things that really will not matter to us at all next year this time. This is being at peace with yourself and the world, including the people in it.

If you can get away with some person who reaps the same benefits you do, it is just as wonderful because you both come back with a lighter feeling. All that unnecessary “worry” weight has been lifted. You see everything in a different light. Everything becomes a challenge we can deal with instead of a problem.

What is it about the waves swishing up with foam on the beach coming in and going out that relaxes me? I do not really know if it’s the beauty filling my mind. After experiencing the dark, cold, dreary, flowerless days of winter, the sun seems to warmly enfolds me and I feel closer to God. The warmth embraces you as you are freed from the constraints of layers of clothes. The coats, hats, and scarves now become a one- or two-piece bathing suit that exposes you to the sun and warm water soothing to the skin. Not only does this getaway free your mind, but even your body is freed.

I can recall being on a private beach in Jamaica with a friend who was reading under a coconut tree as I lay on the beach quietly savoring the beauty surrounding me. I could see where the dark blue Caribbean water touched the clear blue sky. The sun enhances with Coppertone made the paleness of my skin disappear and was replaced with a sun-tanned brown. Proof of my time in the sun!

For some, going to a park or driving away for the weekend can be a time to renew the mind. It’s amazing how easy it can be to be bogged down with unimportant stuff. To find ourselves in a rut of despair. We cannot always do a getaway. Others may have other ways to unwind from life. But for those of us who do constantly need this to feed our soul, just the idea that a getaway is coming up fills us with hopeful joy.


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